Aubrey Davis is the sister of

Karen Davis.They fell out when their Mother loved Karen the most.

Storyline of the grudge 2Edit

Aubrey is sent to the hospital to get Karen.Karen says to watch out for Kayako Seaki.Aubrey meets up with Eason,Who dragged Karen out of the fire.Then,Karen falls down,And Eason sees Kayako holding Karen.

Aubrey and Eason then are sent into the investigation of The Seaki Curse and find out that Kayako's house is still there.Aubrey is dragged into the house.Aubrey and Eason then go to Eason's house.Eason is killed by Kayako in the red room.Aubrey then runs to Kayako's Mother.She reveals it can not be stopped after she gave Kayako blood one too many times.Kayako then kills her.Aubrey then go's to the seaki house and sees Karen's spirit.Karen leads her to Takeo,Who kills her like Kayako.It is then revealed that she was the one who haunted the school girls.Aubrey is the reincarnation of Kayako,Who moves to Chicago.


  • Aubrey then must haunt Japan after these events.
  • She does not go well with her mother.