Dr. Francine Sullivan is Jake's case worker. Since the day Jake was put in mental care, Dr. Sullivan attempted to ease him, believing that Jake's stories of Kayako killing his family was merely him hallucinating his stepmother Trish killing them instead (this was due to the police suspecting Trish to be the murderer at the most). Her assumptions come wrong when she is urgently called to Jake's room by a security guard, only to see Jake dead along with every bone in his body broken in a bloody mess. Dr. Sullivan later investigates Jake's apartment and is the one who tells Lisa about Jake's horrible and abnormal death. She also informs Lisa that the 'new boy' Lisa saw in her apartment is in fact dead after revealing a photo of Toshio in a newspaper, revealing Toshio died years ago. Dr. Sullivan later sees unusual visions in the surveillance cameras viewing the hallways of the facility and investigates, only to be chased by Kayako once getting there. She attempts to escape but is killed when the final door she attempts to open does not respond despite yelling out to the cleaner just outside for help. Lisa calls for Dr. Sullivan after she is kicked out of her apartment, but learns that she had been killed.