Emma Williams is the mother of

Susan Williams and Matthew Williams.She is mother in law to Jennifer Williams and the two do not get along with each other.In the original,She is Sachie Tokunaga.

Moving in and DeathEdit

Matthew,Jennifer and Emma move into the Seaki House,Unaware of the history.Suddenly,Hauntings go on untill Jennifer ends up getting killed by Toshio Seaki.Matthew also dies and Emma's careworker,Yoko comes.Yoko is then dragged into the attic and killed by Kayako Seaki.Karen Davis enters to take place of Yoko.However,Karen discovers Kayako's diary and Toshio.Emma is then killed by Kayako and Karen faints.


  • She is an mute.
  • Sachie's death is the same as Emma
  • Emma walks upstairs at one point.Susan says that Emma can not go upstairs as she is unwell.