The Juon series is an horror Japanese/American sega


Takashi Shimizu was in an directing school and was ordered to make two shorts.These were called Katasumi and 4444444444.These were noticed by Ringu's screenwriter Hiroshi and Kiyoshi and he made the films.


Takashi had hired Takako Fuji,Who potrayed Kayako Seaki in the short,To act and he hired other acters.These were Juon The curse and Juon The curse 2.These became surprise hits and as an result,favorable word of mouth.He was then encouraged to make the cinema versions.

Remake and American versionsEdit

Takashi made the film,Juon The grudge.Sam Rami had asked him to make an remake,The grudge,Which starred Sarah Michelle gellar.

Sequal and MoreEdit

Takashi then made Juon The grudge 2 and later The grudge 2,Which had an different storyline.

10th AnniversaryEdit

The grudge 3 was made by an different directer.Later,Girl in Black and Old Lady in white were made by each different directers.An game was also made,Named Juon Fear,For nintendo Wii.