Karen Davis is the main character in

The Grudge.She has an boyfreind named Doug and an sister Aubrey Davis. and she the mother of Annie Davis and Melissa Davis


Karen and her sister had fallen out as their Mother loved Karen more.Karen went to Japan to study and met Doug and the two fell in love.They shared an house.

The GrudgeEdit

Karen was sent in to look after Emma Williams after Yoko had disapaeared.Karen is attacked by Kayako and her son but survives.Since then,She is haunted by Kayako.Karen then learned from Nakagawa that they will all die.Karen then went back to the Seaki House and burned it,Costing Doug's life in the process.Karen then was attacked by Kayako at the end.

The grudge 2Edit

Karen was blamed and was considered an crinimal for burning the house.Aubrey visited her and Karen told her to stay away from Kayako.Karen then was stalked by Kayako and Karen was cornored.Karen was then pushed down the roof,In front of Aubrey and Eason.