Kobayashi is an old flame of

Kayako Seaki.He is happily married to Manami.


Kobayashi is concerned that his student Toshio Seaki has been missing for an while.He tells Manami that Toshio's mother is Kayako.Manami thought she was strange.Kobayashi went to the Seaki House.He had helped Toshio and looked after him untill Kayako or Kayako's husband will turn up.However,Toshio was making cat noises.

Kobayashi is furstrated that it is taking an while and says to Manami he is going to be late.Manami hangs up as the doorbell is ringing.She is murdered by Takeo who also rips out her fetus.Kobayashi discovers the Journal.He then finds Kayako's corpse.He runs to get Toshio,But finds him meowing to the phone.Kobayashi then gets an call from Takeo.He has killed Manami.Kobayashi then gets an heart attack from Kayako.

Juon 2Edit

Half of this film only shows how what happened above.


  • In the american version,He is Peter Kirk.However,Peter commits suicide.