Lisa Morrison is the sister of

Max and Rose.She is the main character in The grudge 3.


The sibling's parents were killed in an car accident.Lisa then fell in love with Andy and the two planned to move to New York to stay.

The grudge 3Edit

Lisa is stalked by Kayako Seaki and Toshio Seaki and she gets the help from Dr.Sullivan,Who is the Doctor of an previous victem of the seaki curse.Sullivan is killed one day and things go bad to worse.Lisa then is chucked out by Max,Who is now possessed by Takeo Seaki.She is attacked by Kayako and manages to get to Naoko Kawamata.Lisa gets Rose and they peform an excorisim.However,Max comes and kills Naoko and Lisa discovers Andy's corpse.Rose drinks Kayako's blood and the curse ends.Naoko wakes up and kills Max and Rose and Lisa later hug.Rose turns into Kayako and Lisa's fate is unknowen.


  • Lisa and Andy are like Karen Davis and her boyfreind Doug.They were an couple and Doug and Andy were both found dead by their girlfreinds.