Matthew Williams is the son of

Emma Williams and sister to Susan Williams.He is happily married to Jennifer Williams.

Moving in and DeathEdit

Matthew gets an promotion and he go's to Japan with Emma and Jennifer.His sister,Susan,Shows him an House and Matthew moves in.Jennifer can not get to sleap and gets lost.Matthew tells her they will go back to America if she does not settle in.Matthew arives to the house after his work and finds Jennifer in an state.Matthew then sees Toshio Seaki.He is cornored and killed by Toshio and later found dead with Jennifer.


  • Matthew and Jennifer's wedding picture is seen.
  • In an deleted scene,Matthew has been possessed by Takeo Seaki after getting killed by Toshio.Susan arives and is pushed out by Matthew.In the door's mirror,We see Takeo pushing out Susan.Matthew then walks up and drags Jennifer's corpse to the attic.
  • When Susan is escaping from Kayako Seaki,She arrives in her apartment.The buzzer rings and it is Matthew,Claiming that he forgot the room number.Susan lets him in and the doorbell rings in an second.Susan looks through the peephole and ir is Matthew.Thinking he is playing pranks,She opens the door but he is not there.