Max is the brother of

lisa and Rose.He is the main character in The Grudge 3


The sibling's parents were killed in an car accident.Max then fell in love with Kayako's sister and the two planned to move to New York to stay.

The Grudge 3Edit

Max is the landlord of the Chicago building. It appears Max was the landlord of the apartment for some time and while it is presumed he did fairly well in his job before the chaos Kayako, Takeo and Toshio began causing at around the events between Grudge 2 and 3. The spirits caused many people in the apartment to either die, go missing or simply move, bringing Max into hard times, not to mention that the flow of new residents was at an all-time low. Max is revealed to be on the brink of being fired and does what he can to keep the building together. He introduces Naoko to the building (having no idea what she came for) and his sisters though does not tell her why the apartment itself seems rather empty of residents. Throughout the film, it becomes clear Max is possessed by Takeo; showing signs of extreme anger, resentfulness and other signs of odd behavior, frightening Rose and Lisa. His possession also leads to getting fired after he pushed his boss to a pile of bricks. Max, being possessed, also interrupts the ceremony Naoko attempts to get rid of Takeo, Toshio and Kayako's spirits. He unknowingly kills Naoko in the similar way Takeo killed Kayako and after Takeo's spirit is finally banished, he breaks down in tears after seeing that he was responsible for Naoko's death. He is shortly attacked by Naoko, who has taken the form of a ghost, similar to that of her sister Kayako.