Rose is an child and is sister to

Max and Lisa.She transforms to Kayako Seaki at the end.


Rose suffers from seriously Asthma.At one point,She passed out and Max had to rush her to the hospital.She has an Oxygen tank which she believes to be an Diver tank.

Ending the curseEdit

Naoko Kawamata,Rose and Lisa peformed an excorisim,To stop Kayako Seaki once and for all.The plan backfired and Max,Possessed by Takeo Seaki,Chased and killed Kawamata.Lisa and Rose were attacked by Kayako and Lisa was cornored by Kayako.Rose drank Kayako's blood.She passed out and Lisa saved her.Naoko came as an spirit and killed Max.At the end,Lisa and Rose hugged and Rose became Kayako,As Kayako had evil spirits in her blood and now it was in Rose.


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