Takashi Shimizu is an horror film director who is knowen for films

Juon and Tommie rebirth.

Creation of JuonEdit

Takashi attended film school of Tokyo and was helped by Kiyoshi kurosawa to make the juon series.He made the short's Katasumi and 4444444444.He then made the V cinema's Juon The curse and Juon The curse 2.It became surprise hits and became the word of mouth.

Takashi then made the cinema version of Juon the grudge.Sam Rami thought it was great and offered Shimizu the chance to direct an american remake called The grudge,Starring Sarah michelle gellar.Shimizu did this and then made Juon The grudge 2.Shimizu then made The grudge 2,As it will be different than Juon The grudge part 2.Takashi then helped Toby Wilkins to make the The grudge 3.

Kayako's death rattleEdit

Takashi was the one who made Kayako Seaki's Death Rattle while Kayako apeared.He is freinds to Kayako's actress Takako Fuji.